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About Our Corporate Training

Superawakening is a cluster of life changing seminars of Deepak Kapoor on Motivation, Selling Skills, Leadership, Soft Skills, Positive Attitude, Confidence, Stress Management, Public Speaking and Mind Power through Seminar, Workshop and Training Programs for Executives, Professionals, School Teachers and Students in India by corporate trainer, motivator and keynote speaker Deepak Kapoor

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Corporate Trainer Deepak Kapoor

Deepak Kapoor, the Corporate Trainer, Motivator, Personal Development Counselor, Meditation Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Career and Life Coach, is a name rapidly popularizing in India. He is one of the Top Corporate Trainers and Motivational Speakers in India. The Life changing Programs by Deepak Kapoor are being liked immensely and getting new heights everyday in India

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Awakening - Free Classes for Students

Mission Awakening is to make the youth of India, energetic, enthusiastic, spirited, motivated, encouraged, determined, innovative, imaginative and creative. It is started from Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh and then will be spread throughout the country. This program is for showing the students the right path by the corporate trainer, motivator, career and life coach Deepak Kapoor

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corporate taining by Deepak Kapoor in lucknow
For Corporate
training by Deepak Kapoor to Management Students
For Public Schools
A knowledgeable program on Stress Management and how it is related with mind and body by Deepak Kapoor
For Management Colleges
Motivational Workshop by Deepak Kapoor
For NGOs
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